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We are a small web design & development company with over 10 years of experience in designing clean and easy-to-use websites. We work with clients of all sizes and experiences to bring beautifully crafted design solutions to life.

Whether you need your first website or a new one, it’s our job to make it simple. We’ll handle the nitty-gritty and work with you to turn your business goals into a scalable online strategy that’ll get you noticed. At prices you can afford.

Our ProcessOur Team

Our Process

We believe that websites with visual appeal and great user experience create a better brand experience. This is why we put creative design and smart technology at the heart of all we do.

1 Design

Design doesn’t just mean Photoshop. It’s the process of identifying problems and creating solutions. We start by listening to your story and gaining an understanding of your requirements.

2 Build

The inner geek is let out as we start to code the agreed design. We meticulously apply the latest technologies and semantic code to produce a cutting edge website which is accessible to all.

3 Launch

It’s time to fly. And although this is the most exciting time of the project the work doesn’t stop here. The website’s performance is watched closely to ensure you’re on course to meet your objectives.

4 Polish

We live in an age where change is constant, whether they be technological or cultural. We continuously monitor the web zeitgeist and suggest improvements to ensure your site never starts to look rusty.

Small team. Giant impact

We’re a small team but we like it that way. What we lack in hair follicles we make up for experience and our friendly hands on approach.


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Marketing Director


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As the flat design craze grows stronger and stronger with each new dribbble shot, app launch and website redesign, a shimmering new subtrend has emerged: the long shadow. Appearing within illustrations, frequently icons, it’s an unrealistically long 45 degree (technically 135 degrees my mathematician girlfriend tells me) shadow created with either a gradient or solid [...]

Flat design is well and truly in. For the past few years now we’ve noticed a trend in moving away from three dimensions, texture, gradients and skeumorphism and a move towards minimalism and the simplicity of flat colours. So to help build this style into your projects we’ve pulled together some beautiful free examples of [...]

I like the Beatles. I like all the Beatles. So it’s a shame about this print we made poking a little fun at Ringo. The print is based off a supposed quote by George Martin which made the rounds a little while back (source). We felt it was just begging to be turned into something. [...]

Between the growing number of web fonts available and the exciting possibilities of CSS3, creative text-based titles are starting to replace images more and more. Personally, text-shadow has to be one of the most exciting CSS3 properties, which offers a lot more effects than its name suggests. Its inherent flexibility makes it easy to get [...]

While many users will enter a website at specific pages and bypass the homepage completely, the fact remains that it is still the most frequent entry point to the vast majority of websites. So for many, the key to an effective website is an effective homepage. According to various studies a user’s decision to stay [...]

There is a current trend for web design studios to display a visual graphic outlining the process they take to build a website, usually following a header of just “Process”. How useful these diagrams or snippets of info actually are to a prospective customer I’m not totally sure. For me they’re really just an opportunity [...]


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