Why Do People Take Up Birding?

Birding is increasingly gaining popularity as a pastime for many people across the globe, however for some who have not been introduced to this fascinating hobby it may seem a little puzzling why others would go in search of birds simply to tick them off a list – after all we see birds everyday – what could possibly be the attraction of heading out into the great outdoors and spending an uncomfortable day spotting a type of animal that we are exposed to all the time?

Type of Bird Looking For?

The truth of the matter is that there is a lot more to birding than simply ticking off species on a list – and the benefits of birding range from fitness and building mental agility to gathering information that is off immense use to scientists.

In fact in could be said that birding has benefits for mind, body and spirit.

The first thing to consider is that birding helps us break out of the habits that have caused most of the Western World to adopt a primarily sedentary lifestyle. Today we have access to all the entertainment we need at the tips of our fingers, we can enjoy food delivered to our doors and for many the world is becoming an increasingly challenging place – and for many this has meant an increasing reluctance to leave the home. In fact we spend far too much of our time simply sitting. And it is not only at home – as information technology becomes the driving force behind global growth we also spend our time at work simply sitting in front of a computer.

Keep People Healthy And Physical Fit

Birding gets people out doors and provides an excuse for low impact exercise. It is exercise of a type that is suitable for young and old. The type of exercise that birding encourages involves walking over uneven terrain – perfect for building up core strength.

Birding is also good for sharpening cognitive function. Dealing with that same uneven terrain while keeping an eye out for a particular species of bird and ears tuned for birdsong of a particular type means that the brain is engaged in a multitasking most of the time. This sharpens reasoning skills and increases problem solving abilities.

Engaging Yourself In Birding Activity

However, being out in nature and engaging in birding activity not only keeps the eyes and ears active – it also engages all the other senses. While we spend many of our days in sterile environments being in the outdoors awakens the senses in their entirety. Olfactory, visual, auditory and the sense of touch are all used to make sense of a challenging environment. This is turn stimulates the brain in ways that simply being on the Internet or watching a TV movie cannot.

Birding activity is also great for improving mood. Several studies have shown that those who engaged in the activity had a greater sense of well being than those who did not – and this sense of well being actually increased as the knowledge of the various species grew.

Birding is great for a number of reasons – give it a try and find out bird tours why this pastime is growing in popularity.

Post Author: Marilyn Hicks