What Is The Best FPGA Development Board?

If you were to look for FPGAs back in the 1980s, there were only a few companies making them. In fact one, Xilinx, was the originator of this product. They were essentially creating modified programmable gate arrays. They decided to make them more innovative, as well as more powerful, and that exactly what you see still happening today. More companies than Xilinx are producing them, and they are moving forward at a very fast pace, creating some of the most powerful ones that are available. If you need to learn more about FPGAs, you can always get a development board. These typically come in some type of a kit. There are classes you can take, and information on the web, that will get you integrated into using field programmable gate arrays. There are some that are considered the best. Let’s find out which ones those are, and find out how you can get them for discount prices.

What Is A Field Programmable Gate Array Development Board?

These are field programmable gate arrays that you can use in order to learn how these actually work. One of the best is called the Mojo. It is very inexpensive, less than $100, and you can learn how to use this with the Spartan 6 From Xilinx. If you have ever ordered an electronics kit for your child, or if you purchase one for yourself years ago, it follows a similar kind of set up. They are designed to help you understand how electronics work, but from this perspective, you are understanding how field programmable gate arrays operate.

What Will Be On The Development Board?

When this arrives, it’s going to be large enough to actually manipulate the different pieces that are there. As mentioned before, it is built with one of the Spartan Xilinx FPGAs. It will have eight analog inputs, 84 digital IO pins, and a reset button that can help you move on to different forms of testing. Eight general-purpose LEDs and a single LED will light up when you have done everything right. Essentially, it is a tutorial, one that is interactive that allows you to work with this and slowly begin to build your knowledge in this hands-on fashion.

Will It Take Long To Learn How To Use Everything?

In most cases, it’s only going to take a couple weeks to go through everything. There are some savvy individuals that could Master everything within a couple of days. The point is not to be the fastest, but to take your time and learn how these are used. This could be a starting point for a new career, or if you are just interested in how they work, these development boards will be very helpful.

The best prices on these can be found at websites that sell them every day. You may see a coupon where you can order one. If you don’t have the ability to order one right now, it is likely they will come out with a different sale option at some point in time, helping you to save money when you finally do get to purchase your Xilinx Spartan fpga boards. At the very least, it’s going to be fun. You will get to understand how computers all over the world function because of these boards developed decades ago. It can be something you do with your family and kids, or it could be what you do on your own, to increase your knowledge of FPGAs.

Post Author: Marilyn Hicks