Website Launch: Content Checklist

Launching a website goes through a lot of processes, the things to be considered starts from the technicalities, web hosting, and domain names. Plugin configuration is also essential to provide the needs of the client. Check the loading time, mobile responsiveness and functionality of the website to provide your audience an impressive experience.

Do not disregard the content, it has an intimate connection with the design of your website. Before launching your website live to your audience, check the content checklist.

All Pages

Considering a website needs to offer individual pages that are crucial to gain a number of audience and traffic.

Feature image: Provide at least one image to avoid a boring long content.

Headline: Catch the attention of the audience through the headline of your contents.

Short description of the page: A short excerpt of a page can give the audience an idea of what the complete content is all about.

Testimonials: This is used as a strategy, testimonials are best placed on the homepage. It gives a great impression to the prospective clients, a name and picture make it pragmatic.

Sidebars: A search bar and email newsletter signup can entice the audience to further navigate the website.

Individual Pages

A website needs a different type of pages, and these pages require different contents.

Home Page

This is the most important page, it should display a content that can catch the interest of the audience. Entice them by featuring slider content and items, this can push them to check the individual pages.

Slider content: Images and contents can make the audience curious.

Testimonials: It is best to place it on the home page, it can make the website pragmatic for clients checking on the legitimacy of the website.

About Page

An about page does not only focuses on the whereabouts of the company, it communicates with the prospective customers. Entice the customers with the statistics of the company, alongside with its progress throughout the years. Do not forget to include the biography of your employees.

Services Page

This page includes a headline, feature image, short descriptions of the offered services, and relevant testimonials of the customers. It depends on you if you will have a separate page for each offered services or an overview page for all services.

Blog Page

This is an individual content that talks about the assets required by the blog. It can help the audience interested in your blog, without any blog posts it can decrease the number of audiences.

Contact Page

It does not require a long text, just include all the relevant information a customer needs to get in touch with you. Make sure to include the business name, address, embedded geolocation or Google Map, phone number, contact form and contact email.

E-commerce Needs

To not beat the purpose of online transactions, privacy policy and terms and conditions protect the customers and your company.

We understand that each website has different needs with its content depending on the demands of the client. However, you have to think in advance on the needed contents of the blog.

Post Author: Marilyn Hicks