Web Design

Web design is a plan set by certain principles which are intended for a specific purpose, which the end-user can access the content through the electronic web pages. It is processed through the arrangement and implementation of a collection of data.

There are 5 basic elements of web design—layout, color, graphics, fonts, and content.

Layout: It is the method wherein the graphics, texts, and ads are arranged in a way that the design has maintained its balance, consistency, and the integrity.

Color: The combination of colors will depend on the purpose of the website.

Graphics: Through the use of logos, icons, photos, and clipart the web design is enhanced.

Fonts: Use web-safe fonts, the use of this fonts can enhance the web design.

Content: Visuals and texts should work together, the infographic should give all the useful and relevant information.

Moreover, all of these web design elements should be optimized for search engines. It should be in a suitable length, and the relevant keywords should be taken into consideration. Consider the end-users, there’s nothing more rewarding than catching the attention of the readers.

Post Author: Marilyn Hicks