Best Newspaper Theme for WordPress

Best Newspaper Theme for WordPress

Having an impressive web design is everything when you are organizing a news website. The design should let the audience get their information straightforward. Unclear navigation and an overwhelming interface discourages the audience from visiting your website.

The theme for your website depends on the purpose of the site, but easy navigation and readability will always be the priority in choosing a theme. Moreover, make sure that the theme is optimized for search engines and can support ads. Here are some of the best newspaper themes that can help you choose the right theme.

MH Magazine

This theme has an inviting and clean tone, it offers a flexible layout options and uncluttered design. It has a prominent section that can let you display advertisements. You can choose from a wide variety of custom widgets and fonts.


This theme is designed for the purpose of magazine and news websites. It is friendly to inexperienced user. Moreover, it is a mobile-optimized theme that can offer a fast, uncluttered platform that prioritizes its functionality and performance.

Moreover, it offers news-oriented widgets for social media sharing, exchange markets, and weather forecasts. This is the modern theme that engages to its users with its fast and responsive website.


The visual appearance of the website plays a big influence on the reputation of the newspaper or journalism efforts. This theme was developed to make the website standout and run fast. It has a feature that can automatically duplicate the content and monitor the search engine ranking.


This is the theme needed to make your website responsive, flexible, and fast. It can smoothly access one article to another. It is a mobile-optimized theme that can give an excellent user experience with its impressive layouts and features.