Improve User Experience: Human Face

The human face is capable of doing unforeseen capabilities, it is an influential tool in the toolbox of each web designer. Web designers utilize the human face in improving the UX, let us discuss the methods wherein they use the human face.

Create a first impression.

Does first impression last? Just like when we first meet a person, our first impression of them has a significant influence on whether we should pursue on getting to know that person or not. Same with web designing, negative impressions on the web users can make them not use your web application again. Thus, to avoid this, use the property of human face—catch the attention of the audience. When a web page contains human faces, the most audience has their first impression of the product.

Guide your visitors’ line of sight.

Human faces direct the attention of the audience. How? It guides the audience’s eyes in a particular direction. The line of sight means what the other person is looking at, when an audience can see an image of a human face looking at something, they follow the line of sight.

Bring out an emotional response.

A picture can tell you a thousand words, we can relate to this when a picture communicates with emotions. The human face can paint a thousand of emotions. With an image of a human face, it is possible to send an emotion through the emotional expression depicted on their faces. The feelings being displayed on the human face subtly influence on the emotions of the audience.

As the human face stimulates the emotions, multiple human faces that share the same emotions have a greater impact on the viewers. This is the best method to persuade the audience to try the product or join a group.

Build trust.

Did you know that the human face can establish the sense of trust? Letting the audience see your face gives a sign that you are trustworthy, open, and has nothing to hide. Always ensure that the images convey genuineness and familiarity.

Some web owners provide testimonials with an image of their clients and a text of their experiences.

Create authority.

The most reassuring strategy is to use a familiar human face, this is the reason why celebrities are being used in advertising. It can make the audience believe that the person is using the product, in return, this can give the audience the desire to have the products.

Create a visual appeal.

What the website often lack is being filled by the human face. The attributes of an attractive design appeal to the visual senses of the audience, thus it gives success to the product. This gives the audience the feeling that there are real people behind each web design.

The beauty of the human face can change everything. This is an evidence that human faces can influence the perception of the audience on products. An additional image of a person on the product’s content can change how the information is conveyed.

Post Author: Marilyn Hicks