Guide: Create a Blog

Nowadays, a blog is a medium for documenting your daily activities, hobbies, interests, and keeping family and friends updated with their life. Fortunately, people can gain an income from their blogs.

Blogging can be a little overwhelming—there is a long list of topics to write about, platforms to choose from, and the privilege to share it through any social media channel.

Experience a straightforward and fun journey in blogging by following this guide.

Choose a topic for your blog.

For most people who start a blog about their hobbies and interests came up with an idea first before creating their blog. However, for those people who intend to make money from their blogs often do not have a hint of what they should write on.

It is best to brainstorm random topics that you have an interest in, and then further research on the topics to determine the value of content that can be produced.

Make your blog vague and interesting, to catch the attention of more audience.

Choose an appropriate blogging platform.

When setting up a blog, you can use either self-hosting platform or hosted platform. For personal blogs, utilizing free blogging platforms is the best option. Domain names should be bought through web hosting packages.

Pick a catchy name for your blog.

Choose those names that are memorable and catchy, make it short and easy to spell. Brandable names work best, avoid using hyphens. If you do not have any idea, get help from domain name generators.

Choose a theme and customize your blog.

When you have chosen the appropriate blog platform, choose a design for your blog. Sidebars, header graphic or logo, plugins, and widgets are some of the customizations you have to make.

Create catchy contents for your blog.

As you have gone through the process of setting up your blog, it now needs content. Make your content entertaining, interesting, and informative. Decide on the length of your content, however, long contents are more successful and shared.

Make your content easier to scan, use sub-headings, infographics, block quotes, and visual elements that can spark the interest of the audience.

Current news and events, frequently asked questions (FAQs), product reviews, list posts, guides, and tutorials are some of the suggested blog post ideas.

Set-up social media accounts.

Let your audience rapidly grow through inviting traffics to your blog posts, set up at least two or three social media accounts. The use of social media channels has made it easier to find a new audience and to promote your blog.

Blog promotion.

Dwell on the promotion to get the right traffic to your blog. To make people find out about your blog, advertise your content through the social media channels or comment on forums.

Monetize your blog.

The audience will be rapidly growing as the amount of content and promotion for your blog increases. This is the best time to monetize your blog. Sidebar banner advertising, affiliate links, ad networks, and sponsored posts are the methods to make money from your blog.

Post Author: Marilyn Hicks