Coding: Best Bracket Extensions

Brackets defeat the rest of the code editors in front-end designing. It is the best and most versatile code editor, it exhibits numerous of amazing features that are put in one application, and it can add extensions that make it able to have a great functionality.

Brackets is developed by Adobe, it is an open-source code editor that was created mainly for front-end designers. This made the life of a code editor easier through its live previews, pre-processor supports, and color palettes. It has a more advanced functionality and great user experience.


This is a popular extension that can be found in most of the modern code editor. It enhances the workflow of the codes through expanding the HTML and CSS code tags abbreviations, which enables the editors to have an ample of time in writing essential codes. HTML frameworks work best with Emmet.


It uses the data based on the current browser popularity and property support to apply the prefixes to the codes. Using CSS makes you face one of the highlighted issues, it is identifying whether the codes will work with each and every browser since there are some browsers that utilize different prefixes. With autoprefixer, it does the job by automatically analyzing and putting the prefixes. This can help you save time in coding with CSS.


In website loading speed, minification plays a major role, wherein the codes are minified which can save a few seconds in the loading time of the website. This is helpful when you often utilize JavaScript and CSS, it makes it easier and it thoroughly minifies the code without relying on other additional applications.


It brings hassle rewriting the same code and tags over and over when creating long codes. With snippets, it allows you to manage and create your own code extract library, typing in a couple of letters will make the JavaScript, HTML, and CSS code appear.


It is important to save your work before closing the application, it will be frustrating to discard and forget to save the edits of your coding. A ctrl + S can save your time, AutoSaver automatically saves the changes you make to your file. Do not forget to save an extra file of the original copy.

Lorem Ipsum

This extension solves the difficulty of copying the dummy text and figuring out how many words can fit into the design section. Just specify the exact amount of words you want to appear and the text will be displayed as it is.

Lorem Pixel

This extension allows you to use a generating placeholder of images for your designs. It can be easily customized through a visual editor, moreover, the URLs are customized to allow you to insert dummy images.

Any Template

Starting a code project requires a mandatory markup tags, this extension creates templates that can easily and quickly put up pre-written mark-ups on new documents.


This extension tool has an amazing feature, it generates color palettes from images.

Post Author: Marilyn Hicks