Pixel Web Development and Design

We are a small web design & development company with over 10 years of experience in designing clean and easy-to-use websites. We work with clients of all sizes and experiences to bring beautifully crafted design solutions to life. Whether you need your first website or a new one, it’s our job to make it simple. […]

Web Design

Web design is a plan set by certain principles which are intended for a specific purpose, which the end-user can access the content through the electronic web pages. It is processed through the arrangement and implementation of a collection of data. There are 5 basic elements of web design—layout, color, graphics, fonts, and content. Layout: […]

Web Designers: Focuses Value of Money

Just like any other people who work with their passion, web design freelancers want to progress to a higher position wherein complex tasks are being assigned to them and at the meantime, they can earn more money. However, most of these web design freelancers do not know what to do to advance their career. One […]

Trends: Web Design

Within a period of time, change happens and in web designing, there are trends, too. It came from the innovation and experimentation from people with brilliant ideas. It is one of the factors that drives the industry to move forward. The web is constantly evolving and changing, which made it a unique platform. Many have […]

Web Design Layouts: Trend

In the web industry, the current visual designs use robust typography, bold colors, unembellished websites, asymmetrical layouts, and increased utilization of long text contents, interactivity, and heavy data. It is a need to have an alteration in the industry of web design. Asymmetrical layouts The asymmetric layout makes everything, not in line, but projects the […]

Flat Design: Must Know

The web design has escalated its trend, it is now introducing the use of bright colors, minimalistic designs, and a bold typography. Web developers along with the graphic designers have implemented this flat design. Flat designs have given the emphasis on its usability, clean interface, and open space, thus, giving a unique face and a […]