Trends: Web Design

Within a period of time, change happens and in web designing, there are trends, too. It came from the innovation and experimentation from people with brilliant ideas. It is one of the factors that drives the industry to move forward. The web is constantly evolving and changing, which made it a unique platform. Many have […]

Web Design Layouts: Trend

In the web industry, the current visual designs use robust typography, bold colors, unembellished websites, asymmetrical layouts, and increased utilization of long text contents, interactivity, and heavy data. It is a need to have an alteration in the industry of web design. Asymmetrical layouts The asymmetric layout makes everything, not in line, but projects the […]

Improve User Experience: Human Face

The human face is capable of doing unforeseen capabilities, it is an influential tool in the toolbox of each web designer. Web designers utilize the human face in improving the UX, let us discuss the methods wherein they use the human face. Create a first impression. Does first impression last? Just like when we first […]

Website Launch: Content Checklist

Launching a website goes through a lot of processes, the things to be considered starts from the technicalities, web hosting, and domain names. Plugin configuration is also essential to provide the needs of the client. Check the loading time, mobile responsiveness and functionality of the website to provide your audience an impressive experience. Do not […]

Coding: Best Bracket Extensions

Brackets defeat the rest of the code editors in front-end designing. It is the best and most versatile code editor, it exhibits numerous of amazing features that are put in one application, and it can add extensions that make it able to have a great functionality. Brackets is developed by Adobe, it is an open-source […]

Guide: Create a Blog

Nowadays, a blog is a medium for documenting your daily activities, hobbies, interests, and keeping family and friends updated with their life. Fortunately, people can gain an income from their blogs. Blogging can be a little overwhelming—there is a long list of topics to write about, platforms to choose from, and the privilege to share […]

Flat Design: Must Know

The web design has escalated its trend, it is now introducing the use of bright colors, minimalistic designs, and a bold typography. Web developers along with the graphic designers have implemented this flat design. Flat designs have given the emphasis on its usability, clean interface, and open space, thus, giving a unique face and a […]