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There is a current trend for web design studios to display a visual graphic outlining the process they take to build a website, usually following a header of just “Process”. How useful these diagrams or snippets of info actually are to a prospective customer I’m not totally sure. For me they’re really just an opportunity to add a bit of pizazz to your site, when done well.

However I’m not going to spend time judging their importance or outline the benefits of including one in your site, but merely present some examples which I’ve come across and used as research for my own diagram.


Sage Media


Jay Hollywood

Alex Carabi

Ready Made Designs

By the pond


Iron to Iron

Iron to Iron


Object Adjective

Design Intellection



Carbon Graffiti

Gonzo Design

Design Haus


Are process diagrams worth including on your site? What works well? What doesn’t? Hit me up in the comments if I left any out.

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